Since 1874

“The people you meet in the cigar world are unlike anyone else,” he says. “I’ve been inspired by the relationships I’ve built. I’ve had the opportunity to become close friends with the top manufacturers in the world.” Beyond that, Kendall adds, “We built this brand with the best quality we can put together in a cigar. We keep the history of the brand intact for Manchester, New Hampshire.”   

History of the Brand

7-20-4 is a brand founded in 1874 by R.G. Sullivan that was named for the Manchester, New Hampshire address of his cigar factory. By 1963, the brand was dormant, but Kendall resurrected it in 2006, releasing the eponymous 7-20-4 cigar. 

Revitalizing A 100+ Year Old Cigar Brand

Refining Since 1874

Famous for Quality

Generation Old tobbacco

K.A. Kendall

The name 7-20-4 was derived from Sullivan’s factory address: 724 Elm Street in Manchester (the brick building still bears his name). Kendall acquired the brand after learning about it through his love of all things vintage. “I’ve been an avid antique collector since I was a kid,” he says. “Kevin and I collected Coca-Cola machines and gas pumps, that kind of stuff. I started hanging it in my retail store. It was an outlet for me to do what I loved, sell cigars, and appreciate the memorabilia and advertising I collected.”