Dog Walker®


On those occasions when time or weather may be an issue, you may prefer a shorter smoking experience. The Dog Walker® is a perfect size. These cigars smoke in the range of 15-45 minutes. A double bonus of smaller cigars is the price point.

The 7-20-4 Hustler Series, notorious for its unique barber-pole-wrapped design incorporates a diverse array of tobaccos.  

7-20-4 Hustler cigars are rolled “barber pole” style using alternating dark Brazilian and light Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers that conceal a full-flavored blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers and a Brazilian binder.

Hustler Series

The iconic 7-20-4 Factory 57 series are made with high-priming tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica rolled in a high-priming, triple-fermented Nicaraguan Jalapa Habano wrapper, all aged for three years, plus an additional six months before shipping.

Factory 57

It’s commonplace in the cigar industry for cigar makers to pay tribute to family members with some of their finest blends, and 7-20-4 WK does just that with this labor of love. Kurt Kendall released these cigars to honor his late son, William, who passed away in 2011. As tributes go, a finer cigar could not have been chosen: Nicaragua and Honduras fillers are paired with a Honduras binder and draped in a silky Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. And presented in 5 common sizes, the 7-20-4 WK stands ready to suit almost anyone’s preference – leaning in with smooth and well-balanced flavors.

WK Series

7-20-4 Original Series is blended with a highly diverse blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, Mexican and Columbian long-fillers, a Costa Rican binder, and a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper, then cedar-aged for 120 days.

Original Series